22 Random Things About Me

By Real Talk by Alex Castillo - 12:51:00 AM

Hi! I'm Alex. Nice to meet you :)

So how bout you and I get to know each other better? Here's a rapidfire of 22 random bits of information about myself that may or may not be helpful oto your life. Enjoy! ;)

1) I am currently in a relationship with chocolate and pizza
2) I used to be a chubby ballerina.
3) I graduated college from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila with a degree in Journalism
4) I am a Sag(ittarius)
5) I was a cheerleader in high school, but never really competed for anything outside of St. Paul College, Pasig's bounds.
6) Before I graduated college, I had a short story published in the Faculty of Arts & Letters' annual literary portfolio entitled, "Dapitan 2015: Time". It was a flash fiction story called "Kumot".
7) I make horrible jokes, but I am funny--most of the time when I don't mean to.
8) I am a self-proclaimed movie buff/culture buff.
9) I have an ENFJ type personality, according to the Briggs Meyer's 16 Personality Test;
10) In high school, I made a full-length feature film with my friends called, "The Broken Hearts Club" which had a premiere, limited screening dates, sponsors, and official merchandise.
11) I can put my right leg up to my ear while standing up--in cheer terms, a 180 degree heel stretch. :)
12) I love to sing, although I'm mostly either flat of sharp. Hehe
13) My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid
14) Some people may say that I'm bitchy, but I usually see it as channeling the Queen B, herself, Beyonce.
15) I am a proud Filipino.
16) Whenever I hear a really good song, sometimes I can't stop myself from spontaneously dancing, no matter where I am. (It's a post-competitive dancer thing, I think)
17) I am, what you may call, a realistic optimist.
18) I kind of am stuck in a case of wunderlust since graduating college. Mind you, it's only been a few months, though.
19) Some say I'm pretty mature for my age...
20) I looove Japanese food.
21) and, I live by the saying that "you've only one life to live. So love what you do" (The Script, It's Not Right For You).

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