Travel Diary: A Day in Nara, Japan

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On the second leg of my Japan travel diary, I'm taking you to the quaint town of Nara, located off the southwest of Japan. It's about a two-hour train ride from Osaka and a 45 minute train ride from Kyoto.

2nd Stop: Nara

Nara, among all the places we went to, was the one that felt very homey to me. The town proper itself felt very open, as there was a massive park and tons of greenery that surround the buildings. Also, unlike here in Manila, there weren’t any, or at least a lot, of high-rise buildings in the area, which felt very refreshing.  

1. Nara Deer Park
Me making a new friend in Nara Deer Park

It’s not every day you get to see some of Santa’s helpers in their natural habitat. Before you even get to the park, you’ll already see some deer just lounging around the side entrances and even on the sidewalk.
My sister trying to not act panicked after some of the deers bit her, looking for food. 

Travel tip: They do get very aggressive sometimes when they’re hungry, so make sure to keep paper (especially your maps) away, because they will eat it. If you want to feed them, you can buy special biscuits sold all around the park for 150 yen. Brace yourself though, because those deer could and probably will get a little over-excited when they see you holding them out.
2. Todai-ji Temple
The walkway to the  first gate of Todai-ji Temple

This was the first temple that my family and I saw on our trip and like many other temples in Japan, the journey to the actual temple is just as beautiful; passing by gardens, fountains, and even certain pieces of architecture just splattered around the compound.
The second gate to Todai-ji Temple (this is where you will pay the entrance fee of 300 Yen per person)

Travel tip: The temple is just walking distance from the deer park, so no need to get on the bus or anything. Also, if ever you get hungry, there is a row of restaurants located just outside the temple’s compound, where you can have lunch or a snack for really affordable prices.
Voila! Todai-ji Temple! 

Although there aren't much, there are more places to see around Nara than just these two places. My family and I were unfortunately just under a very tight schedule. If you have the time, make a trip down to the gardens around Nara Deer Park. They are definitely something worth seeing. See you again someday, Nara! 
It doesn't end here though. Keep posted for my next travel diary on one of Japan's cultural cities, Kyoto. Thanks for reading! :) 

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