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Food has always been a huge part of Filipino culture. For us, it's one of the best ways to make our guests feel at home when in our country. So it comes as no surprise that there is a growing foodie culture in the Metro.
Nowadays, a great food experience no longer relies on just taste and presentation, but also on the atmosphere a restaurant creates. A perfect example of a place like this is the hip and retro food court in Century City Mall, called Hole In The Wall.
True to its idiomatic meaning, Hole In The Wall's interior stands out--not really sure how it's going to fit in with everything surrounding it. It's nothing like any other food court you've ever seen before. You can see walls decorated with skateboards, potted plants hanging from the ceiling, benches and mini sofas for seats, plus, a tree in the middle of the room. Although, that seems kind of weird, you can't deny that it is pretty cool.
                         Photo taken by Kristelle Batchelor via Instagram 
Unlike most food courts, where you have to just eat in and run, this is one you won't mind staying in. Hole In The Wall gives off the same vibe as coffee shops, actually; comfortable and open. It's the type of environment you would want to be in to finish some work that you couldn't do at home, go on a date, or even just to sample some cool fusion grub. Whether it's with your friends or some downtime with yourself, it's a really good place to hang out.
My friend, Kristelle Batchelor, and I went here during one of our legworks for our undergraduate thesis, as something like a detour--while waiting and prepping for our interview with one of our respondents. It definitely set us up for a good mood, especially after another all-nighter.

Speaking of food, one of my favorite stalls here is Bad Bird, known for it's amazing fried chicken. You have three options for spice levels: safe, spicy, and chemical. Personally, I like my chicken a little hot, so I picked spicy. Also, you have a variety of meal sets to choose from, depending on the sides that you want. My friend chose the Waffle Plate (PHP 290) while I had the Dirty Rice Plate (PHP 320).

As described on the menu, the former consists of "two pieces of sweet potato waffles, miso butter and maple syrup" for sides, while the latter has "fride rice with bacon, chicken liver, Tamago Bonito flakes, and kimchi," accompanying "two substantial cuts of fried chicken."
I admit, it does seem a bit pricy for just one meal, but hey, if it makes you full, it's worth it. ;)
Now, if you have a bit of a sweet tooth like me, you might want to try Scout's Honor, a craft cookie shop also located in Hole In The Wall. Aside from the really wide variety of flavors of cookies, they also have some interesting flavors of craft milk and craft coffee you could buy to compliment your dessert.
If ever you don't find a flavor that you like on the menu, you can make your own flavor of cookie. After all, isn't it sweeter when you make it yourself? (Okay, that was cheesy)

                              Photo taken by Kristelle Batchelor
Batches of the cookies are made fresh every day, so flavors you see when you go may be different on other days. Some of their bestsellers are Cookie Inception, Matcha Green Twa (not really what it's called, but that's what's in it), Deep Dark Secret, S'mores Tag Alongs, Vegemite Compost, Nutty Prof, Coconut Bounty, and Rocky Road. Even writing that down made my mouth water a little bit.
You can't buy cookies per piece though, unless you're making your own flavor. Otherwise, you can only buy them by boxes of three, six, nine, or twelve, ranging from PHP 260-PHP 500, depending on the set that you want.
It's great that places like this are turning up in Manila. What with the idea of "food trips" becoming more popular, now people are actually making time to visit establishments, not just for the "view" but also for the delicious food that they serve. It makes me think that Filipinos' taste in culture have elevated, in some way, and that we're ready for more out-of-the-box experiences.
Check out Hole In The Wall at Century City Mall, 4th floor in Century City, Kalayaan Avenue corner Salamanca Street, Makati City. :) 

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