Travel Diary: 6 Places You Have To See In Coron, Palawan Before You Die

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As a Journalism student, you don’t get a lot of weekends or vacation days. What with a long list of articles to produce every few days, a thesis to finish, and several other projects that need to be done, it’s nearly impossible to get in some down time on your schedule. Not to mention sleep! So by the time GradWaiting period rolled in, my family and I thought that a vacation was long overdue.
We decided to go on Labor Day weekend to Coron, Palawan, one of the 7,107 islands our wonderful country, the Philippines, has to offer. If you love the beach, but aren’t into the whole party scene like in Boracay, this is the place for you.
  1. Kayangan Lake
The view from the top of Kayangan Lake | Photo taken by my dad, Rolly Castillo

This is one of the best sights you will ever see in your life. The lake is a mixture of fresh water and salt water, and just an all-around beaut. It’s a bit of a hike to get to the swimming area though; 150 steps up and 150 steps down, to be exact. So make sure to be careful when stepping on the rocks and soil. 

The swimming area in Kayangan Lake | Photo taken by my dad, Rolly Castillo

Travel tip: To be able to see the view in the image, make sure to make a detour to the right, when you get back up the 150th step, after swimming. It is the best spot for photos and the best place to take in the entire scenery.

  1. Twin Lagoon
Like Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon is both a mixture of fresh water and salt water; the docking area being the salt water body, and the swimming area being the fresh water body. What’s cool about this place is that the only way for you to get into the second lagoon is to swim under a rock formation—almost like you’re transporting yourself into a new oasis.

Travel tip: If you’re scared of swimming under a rocky tunnel, especially if it’s high tide, there’s a staircase you can use to pass to the other side. So don’t sweat it. :)

  1. Siete Pecados

Photo taken by Cristina Castillo

This is one of the snorkelling areas that you’ll find in Coron. You’ll see a lot of coral reefs, fishes, and other sea water folk when you’re here.
  1. Coral Garden
Photo taken by my sister, Cristina Castillo

With the clear waters, beautiful coral reefs and the cute little fishes circling around you, it’s amazing to find yourself amidst untouched beauty. It’s actually similar to Siete Pecados, only here, you get a better view of the place, without boats getting in the way.
  1. Mt. Tapyas

If you’re into the outdoors and getting a little fitness on your vacations, perhaps a nice trek up a mountain would entice you? Although it does sound a little intimidating because of the word “mountain,” you needn’t worry because there are cemented steps that’ll make your hike/trek up the 724 steps easier.

Travel tip: While going up the mountain, make sure to wear your bathing suit. ;) You’ll figure out why when you scroll down.
  1. Maquinit Hot Springs

A usual thing that tourists do after going up Mt. Tapyas is take a dip in the Maquinit Hot Springs, since it’s relatively near, 30 minutes away from the town proper of Coron to be exact. The springs are all natural and are heated by a dormant volcano.  It’s one of the very few saltwater springs in the world.

Travel tip: Brace yourself for the heat of the water because it’s not going to be lukewarm, it’ll be scalding, so it’ll probably be best to do this late afternoon, when the sun isn’t as hot as the pool you’re in.

Traveler’s Pick: Coron Westown Resort

My family and I stayed at a 4-star resort, called Coron Westown. Now, although the room rates seem a little higher than some of the neighbouring hotels, trust me, you get your money’s worth here. We paid around P4,000-P4,500 per night for a family room and that already included 2 people free of charge for breakfast per day. Oh and did I mention it was a breakfast buffet? ;)

The rooms and bathroom are pretty spacious, as well. Plus, there are other amenities you can enjoy like the three pools on the ground floor, a gym, and a mini playground for the kids. All members of the staff are really accommodating, and will patiently assist you with anything, especially your travel tours.

The view from the 150th step at Kayangan Lake; photo taken by my dad, Rolly Castillo

The island and its people were such a refreshing change from the busy (and somewhat polluted) environment of the city. Everyone was just so nice and all of the places we saw were so beautiful, that I actually felt closer to nature and saw a side of Filipino people that I haven’t seen in a while. Now, if that isn’t enough reason to go back, then I don’t know what is. There's still Malcapuya Island, Walingwaling Island, and Calauit Island Safari left to see, after all.

Til next time, Coron! I’ll definitely be back. :)

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