Coffee Crawl: Habitual Coffee, Chino Roces Ave.

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If there's one thing I know about third-wave coffee, it's that not everyone is going to like it.

I first heard about Habitual Coffee when I attended Coffee Crawl, an event hosted by Green Sun Hotel last October that allowed different third-wave coffee shops to showcase their specialty brews and give a deeper meaning and appreciation for coffee. 

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So being the coffee lover *ahem addict* that I am, I decided to head over to their café at 2135 Chino Roces Ave., in Makati and see what made Habitual such a habit for avid coffee-drinkers.

H for Habitat

Here are the facts: 

- Habitual Coffee is backed by a team who currently holds the titles for the 2015 Philippine Aeropress Champion and 2nd Runner Up for the 2015 World Aeropress Championship. 

- According to an article on, every coffee product on the menu is made only in one way: via aeropress.

- Aeropress is both a device and system that is used in brewing coffee. The process involves steeping coffee for 10-15 seconds (depending on grind and preferred strength) and then forcing it through a filter via a plunger

Photo taken by Kristelle Batchelor

- With regards to coffee sourcing, Habitual likes to focus on local roasters and those within the Southeast Asian region; hitting it close to home. 

- You can customize your order. As the owners, Raph and Kaye, said in their interview with "coffee is a personal beverage" so they make it a point to make your drink the way you want it. If you don't know what to order, don't be afraid to ask the guys behind the counter. They know what they're doing. ;)

- There's more than just coffee on their menu. They've got food too--pastries and comfort food, to be exact. You can choose from chocolate chunk cookies, blondie bars, s'mores and many more. Just check the board for whatever's available on the day of your visit. :) 

    White Cold Brew on the left (PHP 160) and Flat White on the right (PHP 140) 

On my visit with my friends, Kristelle and Pam, we tried their White Cold Brew, Flat White, and Iced Mocha. It was our first time trying aeropress coffee, and we found that it wasn't like the sugary, sweet, and syrupy coffee we usually have. It was smoother, a little tangy, and a lot stronger. Not exactly what you'd be used to, even as an avid coffee-drinker, but it's something definitely worth trying. 

Habitual's Grilled Cheese Sandwich,(PHP 220) and an Iced Mocha (PHP 160) 
Photo taken by Kristelle Batchelor

 Coffee has come a long way from the idealogy that it's just something to help you crap or stay awake. We're in a generation where coffee is now considered a social experience, and even an art form. The only way, I feel, we'll be able to appreciate places like this is if we actually have or develop a love for the brew, itself. 

Third-wave coffee is just coming to it's peak in the Philippines. What with shops opening left and right, there is evidently a growing sophistication within the Filipino food industry that makes me think that we're ready for more innovative ideas when it comes to our food and beverages. Just you wait. 

Have you ever been to Habitual Coffee? Let me know what your favorite beverage is in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading! 

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