Travel Diary: 9 Things You Need To Do With Your Friends In Boracay

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If there’s one thing I love about living in the Philippines, it’s that we are surrounded by beautiful beaches. What with 7,107 islands, there’s bound to be an adventure in every one.
Last June, my friends and I went to the famed island of Boracay to celebrate our graduating from college and jet-setting into adulthood. It was off-season, so there wasn’t much of a crowd compared to if we went in May or April. If ever you guys were planning to do the same, here are some things we did that you could probably add to your itinerary, as well. ;)
  1. Island Hopping

Photo by Kristelle Batchelor via Instagram
It is a huge misconception that when you get to Boracay, what you see is what you get, when it comes to beaches. There are some neighbouring islands that are just as beautiful as the White Sand Beach in the main island that you can go to and less commercialized.
Travel tip: When planning your trip in the main island, there will be a lot of guys coming up to you asking to book activities with them, but the safest way you can go is to book your plans with the men wearing dark blue shirts, usually found in front of Astoria Boracay in Station 2.
  1. Cliff Jumping

Photo of Dan Aragon, taken by Kristelle Batchelor
So this is usually part of a packaged island hopping tour, but I felt like it should be mentioned separately on this list. You can do this while on Magic Island. Sure, at first, it will be scary, especially once you’re already on the edge of the diving board, but trust me, it’s worth it. There are different heights that you can jump from, so don’t worry about it so much.
Travel tip: There is a PHP 150 admission fee into the island, which you have to pay for maintenance, so make sure to bring money with you on your island hopping trip. Also, if you’re wearing a bikini, make sure to bring a rash guard with you for when you’re jumping. Gotta keep those tatas in check and that they don’t slip out. ;)
  1. Have a Loco Frio!!
Who wouldn’t want a frozen cocktail on a hot summer day on a beach? Not to mention, you get a free tumbler with the color of your choice and discounts on refills. It’s seriously sooo good.

Travel tip: My friends and I spent a day and a half looking for this place, so to make it easier for you guys, the exact location of Loco Frio is at the Boracay Uptown mall in Station 2, just in front of Sbarro. Remember to drink moderately!
  1. Pub Crawl
As their tagline goes, “there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet.” To give you a better understanding of what Boracay Pub Crawl is, it’s basically an organized bar hopping event where you get to play games, meet new people, drink, and all that in between. It’s probably the best way to experience the club scene in Boracay.

Travel tip: If you can, sign up for Pub Crawl early; preferably a day or two days before your planned date, so that you can avail of the early bird discount, which is PHP 300 less than the original price. You get a free shirt, bracelet, and shot glass with it, as well, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Just head on over to Station 4 (that’s the name of the club) in Station 2 to book your party.
  1. Go Drinking at Cocomangas

Photo by Kristelle Batchelor via Instagram
Cocomangas is one of the oldest bars in Boracay and it serves some of the best alcoholic drinks in the island. Plus, it’s cheap. They have all kinds of cocktail shooters that you can share with your friends, preferably at night, during a round of ‘I’ve Never.’
They also have the 15-shot challenge, wherein you can test out your tolerance (and your macho factor), for the chance to have your name on the Cocomangas Hall of Fame (a.k.a. the massive board behind the bar that has all the names of those who remained standing after finishing all 15 shots, regardless if you puked after or not). There is no time limit, so feel free to pace yourself when taking this on.
Travel tip: To avoid getting too drunk, make sure to eat beforehand. Oily foods tend to numb alcohol’s effects. Should you ever feel the need to puke though, (and trust me, you probably will) they have a bathroom out back where you can sober up.

  1. Eat a Chori Burger

Photo by Kristelle Batchelor
After a night of drinking and partying, you’re bound to get hungry. But since you’re probably going to finish at around early morning, one of the only things you can find open is the Chori Burger stand. It’s really nothing special—fried chorizo with sauce in between two slices of bread—but it is a must-try while in Boracay.
  1. Water Sports

Photo from Dan Aragon
Now, we weren’t able to do much of this on our trip, but the last time I was in Boracay, I did a lot of water sports with my family. Some of the ones that you have to try are: flying fish, banana boat, and parasailing.
Travel tip: Just like in booking your island hopping activity, you can book your water sports activities with the guys in blue. Remember, in front of Astoria in Station 2. When it comes to cheap and fair prices for activities, they’re the ones to trust.
  1. Paraw/Sunset Sailing
Forget watching the sunset on the beach! It’s better seeing it while you’re actually sailing in the sea.

Travel tip: If you don’t have any waterproof gear on your gadgets, make sure to buy a waterproof pouch from one of the people selling them on the beach. The prices will range from PHP 50-100, depending on the person trying to sell it to you. You decide though, how much you’re willing to pay for them.
  1. Enjoy the beach!
You’re in Boracay!! Soak up the sun, the ocean, the powdery white sand and have a drink! Take photos! It’s not every day you’re in a beautiful beach with good company. Make the most of it. :)

Travel tip: Please do take care of the natural resources the island has to offer. Given the rapid commercialization of the island, it’s understandable that it’s no longer easy to maintain the cleanliness of the area, but the least we can all do is preserve the beauty Boracay has to offer.

Traveler’s Pick: Amihan Home, Station 2
Photo by Dan Aragon

With accommodation, my friends and I wanted to stay on a budget but at the same time, we wanted to be comfortable. If you’re looking for both, go ahead and book your stay at Amihan Home in Station 2. It is literally, the perfect place to relax after a long day/night out on the beach. The accommodation itself isn’t a hotel, but more of an old house that was turned into a very beautiful and zen hostel. The rooms are spacious, as well as the bathrooms, and they have free wifi.
Photo by Dan Aragon

They serve really good breakfast, too and if ever you would want to make your own breakfast, you can do so, as well. All you have to do is pay an extra P100 to use the kitchen.
We had a really awesome experience staying here, and for sure, Ms. Grace and her staff will give you the same hospitable  treatment.
This was honestly one of the best trips I’ve ever been on, and it was amazing to have experienced a lot of firsts with my friends. Five days wasn’t enough to experience everything in Boracay and it was bittersweet leaving the island.
Have you ever been to Boracay? Hit me up in the comments to share your Boracay stories! I’d love to hear from you guys. :)

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