5 Friend Dates You Have In Your Twenties That Tell You've Graduated Into Titahood

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By definition, "Tita" in Filipino means 'aunt' or an older female relative. However, since the hashtag #TitasOfManila became viral, the word "tita" has earned a new meaning, in the form of 'young adults engaging themselves in activities usually done by those in their mid-thirties to early forties.' 

As millennials new to the workforce, we're only starting to feel the gravity of being an adult. You know, having our own money to spend, no longer being dependent on our parents, etc. Although, despite us being in our early twenties, it seems like we're already getting tired of the party scene. Okay, not completely, but we are starting to feel "old" and that shows in how we hang out with our friends now.

Scenario 1: Coffee Dates

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In college, we drank coffee because they were our means to an end a.k.a pulling off an all-nighter and getting sh*t done in time for our deadlines. But since graduating from school, our coffee intake has become less business-y and more intimat, given that one of the best ways to catch up with a friend now-a-days over a cup of joe. This is pretty much what sets the tone for your becoming a Tita. 

See which coffee shops are worth visiting in the metro in my coffee crawl series here

Scenario 2: Work Out Dates
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You've reached a whole new level of titahood once you start hosting reunions with friends in the gym. Sure, it's very millennial to be aware of your body and doing what you can to take care of it, but when your sole intention is to hit two birds with one stone--meaning that you and your friends are both so busy that the only time you can see each other is while working out--then that's a whole other story. 

My favorite work out date is a zumba/any dance class. (Shout out to my forever-dancing buddy, Dan Aragon!) 

Scenario 3: Salad Dates

It seems only fitting that after a work out with your friend, you grab a bite to eat, right? So why not salad? When you develop an appreciation for them as an adult, not just 'cause of health benefits but also because you actually like how it tastes, then congratulations. You are now an honorary Tita of Manila. 

The best salad place I've tried in the metro so far is Salad Stop, Bonifacio High Street Central. Price and food quality is on-point. You have to try it. 👌🏼

Scenario 4: Spa Dates

There's something about getting your hair done or nails done that just seems so theraputic--especially if you're experiencing a ton of stress fom work. So why not bring your friend so she can de-stress with you? By the end of the day, you'll be more relaxed and will have strengthend your friendship ten-fold.

Scenario 5: Shopping Dates

Okay, so this isn't really much of a Tita habit, but there's something about spending your own money, hard-earned money from working your ass off, then that's a huge step up from when you were out shopping for prom dresses in high school. 

P.S. The best place to have a shopping date is at a bazaar. Since you've stopped receiving an allowance, you are probably more thrifty than when you were a student. 

Photo taken by Kristelle Batchelor

It's not bad to be called a 'Tita', to be honest. In the millennial context, being a Tita just means that you 're not ready to give up your childhood, but at the same time, you're eager to experience everything that being an adult has to offer. 

So to all the 'Titas' of Manila, cheers to you! You're doing something right. 

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