Art Fair Philippines 2016

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In honor of Art Fair Philippines' return this coming February 16-19, here are a few photos from my visit last year. 

Enjoy! 😊

Fairy-Go-Round by Demetrio Dela Cruz
Oil and mixed media on transparent sheets

Juan's Upon A Time by Anthony Palomo
Acrylic on canvas

One artist decided to display all their work the same way tiangge vendors do, just like in Greenhills.

Probably one of my favorite exhibits throughout the entire fair was the display of small canvas paintings and art pieces in the West Gallery. Seeing the different colors and materials coming out of the walls was pretty cool.

True enough, while I was taking this photo, I saw a mother furiously taking photos of her child in the same space for her Instagram. 

This was my favorite painting in the "Tiangge" exhibit

What my friend, Kristelle Batchelor is standing in front of is a massive LED screen that projected the most calming video of beach waves--stopping exactly where the screen ends at the bottom. Kind of giving the illusion you're on the beach in front of the ocean.

I call this moment, "Millennials in their natural habitat"

This actually only showed a part of this installation wherein an entire wall was covered in 3D letters, surrounded by fake grass. (Not the velcro ones, but artistically-crafted fake grass).

Overlapping Intervals by Adrian Evangelista
Oil on canvas and Batibot Chairs

This was the piece that resonated me with the most, because at the time when I saw this I was feeling exactly that: caught in between "overlapping intervals"

You would think that this piece was very grand, but it was actually just made with mirrors about the size of a grandfather clock. Kinda reminds you of Hogwarts, doesn't it?

This one, however, was life size. Made with the same concept of using a combination of one-way and two-way mirrors, the artist was able to somewhat replicate an underground subway.


There were plenty more exhibits and art pieces that not even photos could do justice. This year's Art Fair Philippines was reported to be bigger and better. Instead of just occupying 3 levels of The Link Carpark in Ayala, they'll also be occupying the roof deck

It was also reported that Art Fair this year will have TWO coffee shops at the exhibition. 

Not to mention, renowned Philippine Historian Ambeth Ocampo will be one of the speakers in this year's Art Fair Talks. 

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to go back. 💕


Art Fair Philippines 2017 will be happening on February 16-19, Thursday to Sunday, at The Link Carpark, Ayala Center. 

Tickets are priced at Php 250.00 per person, with the exception of students with valid IDs--in which case, admission fees are just Php 50.00

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