Coffee Crawl: Precynct

By Real Talk by Alex Castillo - 3:03:00 AM

Tucked away in one of Pasig City's poshest hubs, The Grove by Rockwell, my friend, Kristelle and I found Precynct, a coffee shop that was said to be inspired by the city that drinks coffee, a.k.a. Melbourne. 

I first learned about this place through a friend's Instagram post of the coffee shop's interiors and one of their signature drinks, the Faux Cappuccino. Luckily, I lived nearby, and I couldn't resist paying a visit. 

Photo by Kristelle Batchelor

The interiors are mostly minimalist, yet still intricate and detailed. I particularly love the abstract lighting fixture at the center of the cafe's ceiling. 

The ambiance of the place itself feels very laid back. With the sunlight streaming in from the glass doors and windows, it's a perfect place for solo dates with yourself or quick catch ups with friends.

Precynct Tacos [clockwise] Kung Pao Chicken, Korean BBQ, and Five Spice Pork
1 taco costs P120, while 3 tacos cost P300 
Only available from 3:00pm - 6:30pm
Just like other third wave coffee shops, Precynct offers a variety of food choices for their patrons, but what I like about their menu is that the art and dedication they put into their coffee, can be seen just as well in their food. 

On mine and my friend's visit to the cafe, we ordered the Precynct tacos. We got all three flavors available, Kung Pao Chicken, Korean BBQ, and 5-Spice Pork. My favorite was the Kung Pao Chicken, which had a really rich, flavorful sauce that perfectly complemented the other ingredients like the basil, honey, lemongrass, and mayo. 

This dish was featured under their afternoon menu sets. They have menus for certain times of the day, as well--something similar to a "happy hour." These include brunch sets, afternoon T, small and sharing dinner sets. 

Left: Iced Flat White (Php 140) | Right: Faux Cappuccino (Php 160)
However, what really got me intrigued about Precynct was their coffee. The minute I saw the Faux Cappuccino on my friend's Instagram post, I just knew I had to try it. The Melbourne-inspired cafe's signature drink is made with Yardstick's 12-Hour Cold Brew, Housemade Almond-Cashew Milk, Malagos Chocolate Microfoam, and Cinammon. 

Once it arrives to your table, you'll see that it's filled to the brim with chocolate. Baristas usually serve it and recommend that the best way to drink it is just straight up--so you get the the hint of the chocolate first and gradually taste the flavor of the coffee. Nonetheless, if you feel more comfortable drinking it stirred, they can serve it to you with a spoon. 👌

It's the most delicious mess you will ever taste. 

The cafe itself is a great place for you to unwind and just...chill. There really isn't another word that could best describe it. Whether you're a solo flyer or a flock of friends, Precynct is a pretty cool place to hang out for your intimate gatherings. 

Precynct can be found at Grove Retail Row, in The Grove by Rockwell, near Ortigas Ave. Ext. along C5, Brgy. Ugong in Pasig City. 

Nearby landmarks are Tiendesitas and SM Hypermarket. 

Store hours are from 10am - 10pm, Mondays to Thursdays and 10am - 11pm on Fridays to Sundays. 

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